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Westchester NY Tub Reglazing


Are you tired of paying more for tub and tile reglazing services in Westchester, NY?


The reason why many companies serving Westchester, NY charge higher prices is because they are charging for toll and they are charging for parking. We at Westchester Refinishing do not charge these fees because we are here, we know our way around and we know when the best time to do work is. With Westchester Refinishing, you can be sure that you are going to get the best deal around!

Westchester Refinishing is a full service remodeling company specializing in tub reglazing, tile reglazing, countertop resurfacing, removal of old glaze and bathtub body work (repair). We service the Westchester area of New York.



Reglazing Vs. Replacement

With traditional replacement, the biggest problems are involved with taking out the old bathtub. In the process parts of the bathroom tile, walls and floor must be torn away. The old plumbing is often in the wrong place to fit the new bathtub, more time and expense. Add together the cost of the new bathtub, floor and wall materials, ceramic tiles, lumber, carpenter, plumber and tile setter and it’s easy to see where the cost of replacing a bathtub can run into thousands of dollars – not to mention the dirt, noise and hassle of having workmen tramp through your home for days or even weeks. Finally, there is the inconvenience of not being able to use your own bathroom for an extended time.

With reglazing, your worn out fixtures and tile can be restored to their original luster in less than a day. You are spared from the down-time and hassle of replacement. Reglazing will save you up to 80% of the cost of replacement. (By the way, new bathtubs are often inferior to those being replaced). You can even change the color of your fixtures and tile. You can have the bathroom of your dreams without the nightmare of replacement.


Our commitment to you is simple:

BEST QUALITY – our materials and skills are second to none and we don’t skimp on the preparation work which is the key to a long lasting job. BEST SERVICE – we are a multi-truck operation with full time office and showroom staff able to service our customers promptly and reliably; not just an answering machine BEST PRICE - you will find our prices to be extremely competitive. And, considering the high quality of our service, to be the best buy available.